Industrial Petroleum jelly is a grade of petroleum jelly products, which is used in any industry by its own properties.

Industrial Petroleum jelly, Applications:

Industrial Petroleum jelly, is commonly used as a lubricant in many industries. Also, this product is used as anti-corrosion for metals, anti-wear and anti-fatigue for machineries, fluid agent for molding and apply in leather industries.

Industrial Petroleum jelly, packing

Industrial Petroleum jelly products, will be delivered most commonly by new plastic / steel drums or flexi containers. However based on customer inquiry, petroleum jelly will be offered by desired packing, also.

Pharmaceutical Petroleum Jelly, specifications

ASTM D445 4.5-5.8 cst Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C
ASTM D938 50-58°C Congealing Point
ASTM D1321 More than 130 (0.1 mm) Penetration
IP-17 METHOD A 2″ CELL 0.3 y Color
B.P 2007 According to the test method Acidity or Alkalinity
ASTM D127 49-61°C Drop Melting Point
B.P 2010 Less than 0.05% Sulphated Ash
ASTM D92 212°C Min. Flash Point
USP 0.82-0.84 Specific Gravity @ 60°C